Schedule a ZOOM Call With Us

COVID-19 has delivered a challenging time for everyone; no matter what demographic you fall into.  
We have been incredibly fortunate to have the ability to maintain our business through all of this. Although we’ve had to make some understandable tweaks to our marketing, it has not changed our pace of communication! With uncertainty of pandemic management in many countries, Costa Rica has become even more popular as a destination for home ownership and tourism. By utilizing all communication tools available to us, such as ZOOM; we are able to continue to ‘virtually’ present our projects to prospective buyers very effectively.
In Costa Rica, we were fortunate that COVID counts were very low. Because of this, we were able to continue with home building, pool installations and delivering home keys to new and existing owners whom were counting the days until they could travel again. 
We did make some changes in the health & safety protocols on-site, but maintained our construction quality and promises.